Mixers plasma leakage reason, how to solve  

Occur after a period of time concrete mixer equipment Leakage in very troubled by the user, to figure out what causes the device has been leakage of plasma, in order to solve this problem fundamentally, here next encountered such problems should start from what solve .     After we found: the same type of concrete mixer hzs series concrete plant for cement concrete mixer equipment stirred same concrete materials, often manufacturers use installation instructions maintenance tenth maintenance of plasma leakage probability is maintained, we can see, conservation and maintenance can be good to reduce compulsory Leakage in the mixer.     A stirrer shaft plasma leakage     Shaft seal lubricant supply shortage, lubricating oil passage is not smooth; mixer lubrication system, manual pump and automatic pump oil cup without lubrication; lubricants automatic mixer pump damage; lubricating automatic mixer pump is not working properly, but the reason may is the line in question received sensor signal is incorrect, blenders lubricating oil passage and the shaft seal nozzle clogging or damage, lubrication pump at no power PLC program is set incorrectly.     Second, the compulsory mixer discharge gate leakage of plasma operation Cause     Probably not discharge door closed tight, be equipped with multi-shaft seal and pressure seal protector protection device, effectively prevent the leakage of plasma phenomenon; residual adhesive around the discharge door was too thick, Remedy: clean up the 6×4 12000l bulk cement mixer truck discharge doors The plot material, to improve the sealing, the floor beneath the adjusting bolt discharge, so discharge doors closed tight.

When the construction site is more dispersed, but the distance between the site not too far, concrete mixer truck transportation radius of no more than half an hours drive dump truck transporting no more than 10 minutes away by car. The best centralized multi stirred number, in order to improve efficiency and economic benefits of mixing station construction. Operating personnel quality; in general, small mixing plant structure is relatively simple, the control system is also relatively simple, so the operation and maintenance personnel requirements are lower. While the larger station complex structure, high degree of automation, so the operator requires more. So you save in front of a number of factors to consider when buying mixing station outside factors should also be considered under this section. Preparation of choice; in general, manufacturers have a mature product formulation, such as size, quantity, variety and so on. You can make your special requirements at the time of product order. We will do our best to meet your requirements. However, when purchasing products should not Tandaqiuquan, this will cause the economy does not do waste. Also in the purchase of goods other than reference price of different manufacturers, should also pay particular attention to the preparation of a list of different manufacturers. In addition to these specifications, the variety and quantity, most importantly fittings manufacturer. jct multifunctional diesel engine cement mixer Fully over one by one, you can always choose the most suitable for your model. When choosing not to pursue the best model, but should seek the most appropriate and meet your needs, because this choice is the most economical and effective.

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