Powder machine market is showing a golden opportunity for development, under the background of the rapid growth of the domestic mining industry investment and real estate development, mechanical industry showed rapid growth, especially in milling machine performance is particularly prominent, so the mining machinery manufacturer is also more and more focus on the piece of cake, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, continuously improve the ability of product development innovation, at the same time, continuous innovation means of marketing service, enhance the competitiveness of the terminal.
Milling machine customers service center service management by the service concept to action, basic data management template, by the standards of service to the service measures, quietly engaged in system upgrade. Because every employee understands, in addition to product innovation, the rapid increase in the ability of marketing service is milling machine business breakthroughs and achieve beyond another important support.
Raymond Mill
The strengthening of technical service team of construction, service platform, the perfect services training, these is embodied in a milling machine customer service center the efforts and changes.
Improve the quality of Raymond Mill.
Technical service team, milling machine customer service center of the internal implementation of open, the process of office and promote communication and exchange boundary, humanistic care everywhere reflect, service team members home feeling more and more strong. At the same time, mill after sale service team to actively carry out training, the new assessment mechanism. Makes the service team not only has high skill, high quality, team strong, but also has the characteristics of fast response speed, greatly reducing the service difficult problem of closed-loop time and reduce user waiting and improve customer service satisfaction. A truly dedicated to you.
In after-sales service platform, the company further accelerate training center construction, perfect the service platform, established a 24 - hour service hotline, so that each of the clients that use milling machine at any time to get the most satisfactory service; in addition, the resident engineer working for the company to the entire process management to ensure the timeliness of service and quality of service; also set up a green channel, to encounter on the agent service, spare parts difficult, giving priority to technology, accessories etc. provide support and objectively to the agent service for supervision and management, especially on core service provided business process tracking management, further improve the capability and quality of service agents.
Training services, after-sales service department for after-sales service personnel carried out a series of training and assessment, to enhance the level of after-sales service, to meet the new year to customers for the new requirements and new challenges.
Assessment to abandon the theory of written examination of a single form, according to installation personnel usually encountered in the work, based on technology, focus on the practice, through the training system. Discussion, experience sharing, field studies and so on a series of learning, using written, seminars, technical appraisal, strengthen internal communication and learning, to improve the overall level of professional after-sales service personnel from the root, to achieve the purpose of learning and assessment of double effect.
The road service to enhance the ability of the task, not accomplish at one stroke. In technology and product quality increasingly convergence today, milling machine will continue to practice hard exercise to benefit the internal organs, innovative marketing services to achieve new development, new leap, only in this way, can in the increasingly fierce competition in the market to succeed, shoulder to give users trust and responsibility.